The Triple Ms


Hi Scott,

I need to give you a massive thanks: we stuck to the advice in your book and it’s changed our lives. We saved $160,000 in three years — and that included a year of maternity leave, a wedding, and a baby girl! And, after all that, we’ve just managed to buy a modest home close enough to the Sydney CBD with a 20% deposit. No family guarantor, just us working and saving. To be honest, it wasn’t that hard — we stuck to the buckets! So, from someone who was formerly blowing $100 a week on eggs for brekkie in North Bondi, thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Scott's Answer

Hey Sam,

You’re in the thick of the Triple M’s: Marriage, Mortgage, and Midgets!

There are plenty of young couples who throw their hands in the air and say it’s all too hard. Yet you and your husband have stuck at it for the past three years, and that’s why you’re kicking goals.