The School Chaplain


Hi Scott,

I know you have already had lots of positive support, but I couldn’t agree more with the priest who sent you encouraging words last week.

I am a School Chaplain. The other day, a few 16-year-old students were asking me about jobs they could make a lot of money from. I told them it was probably more important they learnt what to do with the money they did earn, and then recommended your book.

I was amazed when one of them turned up the next day with the book. Coincidentally the department’s network went down that day and this boy was sitting in his IT class with a teacher who couldn’t really teach IT without a network connection. Out comes the Barefoot Investor book, and the young teacher (who loves your work too) starts taking the class through some of the principles. It got me thinking ‒ how do you think it best to bring your Barefoot principles into a classroom?


Scott's Answer

Thanks Glen,

I donated a copy of my book to every school library in the country, so I’m glad they’re being read!

As for getting these money principles into schools, I’d really encourage you, and anyone else reading this, to head over to and apply for our pilot program!