The Most Moving Message I Received in 2018


Throughout the year, I’ve received thousands of messages from Barefooters.

This is the one that moved me the most:

Dear Scott,

Five years ago our middle child was diagnosed with brain cancer, at five years old. We had to move to the city for his treatment, and my husband had to commute for work as much as our situation allowed. This meant we had to find funds for rent as well as mortgage and bills, all while living off a very limited wage. We didn’t even qualify for a credit card, though after reading your book I’m so glad we didn’t get one.

After our son passed away, we spent years trying to claw our way back from financial ruin, and it was near on impossible — until I was told about your book eight months ago. I thought I would struggle to read it (that the financial terms would go over my head), but you had me laughing, crying and captivated to the end.

We honestly thought we were in for a lifetime of debt, but thanks to you we are already breathing easier. We are in a far better position than we were, and the improvements we’re making are noticeable. And with your new ‘Families’ book our children are learning to be smart with their money too. We’ve started the jam jars with our little ones, and our teens have both got jobs and set up their bank accounts to include savings. I am so proud of them and completely loving that I have been able to give them the headstart I never had.

I can honestly say that if not for your advice we would never have reached a position of financial freedom. So from the bottom of my broken heart, thank you.


Scott's Answer

Thank you for writing, Jennie.

I’ve chosen your letter to end my column on for 2018 because you epitomise what Barefooters around the country are doggedly working towards: looking after their family, and gaining financial control.

That you’ve soldiered on through your heartbreak is a testament to your strength.

You Got This.

And to you ‒ the person reading this ‒ thank you for helping me spread my message to people like Jennie.

This wraps up my columns for the year. I’m taking the school holidays off to hang out with the family, and will be back ready and raring to go in 2019.

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