The Kind Landlord


Hi Scott,

I would like to tell you about one of our tenants.

She was an excellent tenant for four years, but fell behind during the last year and was not able to claw her way back. So I gave her a copy of your book ‒ and in the last eight weeks she has paid her arrears in full, and even started saving for a house deposit.

But what made me cry was what she told me next. Her son’s marriage break-up had left him in serious home loan arrears, with the bank threatening foreclosure – and he also lost custody of his children. He had attempted suicide twice in a week, and his survival could only be described as fate. He rang his mum to ask whether she could stay with him for the weekend. Armed with knowledge from your book, she worked with him through his finances. He has now been able to pay all his arrears and overdue bills, and can focus on repairing himself emotionally.

Your book has helped millions of people with their money. But in this case I think the effect has been rather more profound – with two households at risk of losing everything being able to stay in their homes.



Scott's Answer

Hi Jane,

As the election gets into full swing, it feels like landlords are being unfairly demonised as the enemy of the renter.

Not you.

Thanks for sharing.