The Generous Generation


Hi Scott

I just wanted to share with you a lovely story. I run a charity called Mums Supporting Families in Need. We provide material aid to vulnerable families in Victoria. Yesterday we had a young girl (grade 6) to come in and volunteer hours with her school. She handed me an envelope with a note that said.

“At home I have three jars: splurge, smile and give. Here is $25 from my giving jar for you to put towards something you are needing.”
I love that your concept teaches even our young generation of giving.


Scott's Answer

Hi Jodie,

Last week I hung out with a grade three primary school class in Hervey Bay.

As part of my primary school program, ‘The Jam Jar Project’, the kids sold some of their unwanted toys and books in a school ‘Toy Frenzy’, and ended up raising $31 in their class ‘give’ jam jar.

Then the kids debated the best place to give the money: the local animal shelter? The children’s hospital?

They ended up making a group decision to give it to a local homeless shelter.

On their final graduation celebration class, a representative from the shelter came in and was officially presented with the ‘give jar’ money from the kids.

She brought with her a bowl, cereal, and fresh fruit, and explained to the kids that because of their hard work and generosity, they would be able to feed 25 people in their local community breakfast the next morning.

I sat at the back of the class and saw the absolute pride in the kids eyes.

It was one of my proudest moments too.

Thanks for sharing.