The Best Present


Hi Scott,

Many years ago, when I was five, we lost my father to an accident, and my siblings and I always wish we had more memories of him. Just this year we lost our mother to cancer. Before she passed away I asked her your questions (from the Father’s Day column) and videoed it. The answers were surprising and showed a side of Mum I had not seen. When she passed, I shared it with my family as a parting gift from her. Out of all the money lessons I have learnt from you, this is by far the greatest. Thank you for sharing, it’s such a great idea.


Scott's Answer

I’m sorry for your loss.

Lots of readers wrote to me this week telling me they followed my advice last week and did the Father’s Day video with their dad. It’s funny how something that costs nothing but time, and the courage to ask the questions, can be worth so much — arguably as personally valuable as anything worldly they could have left behind.