The Barefoot Book



I have followed you for years, and treated your first book like a bible since a good friend of mine gave it to me in 2010 — when my husband died. At that time I could not afford my mortgage repayments, and I had a six-month-old baby. Since then I have tripled my super and am saving and working towards being financially independent. Thank you.


Scott's Answer

A note to readers:

You are probably thinking to yourself, “Hey, this isn’t a finance question; it’s a blatant self-serving plug for Scott’s new book.”

And you know what? You’re absolutely right.

Truth is, my first book (published over a decade ago) helped a lot of people –mainly because readers shared it with their loved ones, including Wendy. My new book, ‘The Only Money Guide You’ll Ever Need’, was launched this week, and I’m confident it is going to help a whole lot more people.

Thanks for your support.