The Alcohol Experiment


Hi Scott,

Last week you answered a question from Jane (“I am NOT an Alcoholic”), who was clearly struggling with alcohol.
For people who are after help with stopping/reducing alcohol intake (not physiological-addiction-level alcoholics), I strongly recommend the book The Alcohol Experiment by Annie Grace. It helps you to do 30 days alcohol free, to start.

I drink a moderate amount, and after one or two always hanker for another, but after reading the first chapter of this book I found it easy to give myself a decent amount of time completely off booze. It changes your relationship with alcohol, including challenging why you drink, in much the same way that you ‒ as the Barefoot Investor ‒ change people’s relationship with money, including what they spend (on ‘postcode povvo’ houses and fancy cars!)


Scott's Answer

Hi Simon,

I LOVE my community.

They’re always sending me fascinating stuff that I’ve never heard of this before, like this book.

Now of course I don’t have a problem with alcohol.

Then again, on Tuesday night I caught up with an old mate (one beer), on Thursday I went to dinner with another mate (two beers), and on Friday around 20 of us went to the comedy festival to celebrate a friend’s opening night and, given we all had babysitters, we had (many) drinks afterwards.


Anyway, I read the The Alcohol Experiment and it’s a cracking book that really opened my eyes (and I can understand why it’s getting so many rave reviews across the internet).

And if you give up the grog, amazing things can happen, like Leah found out.