Spreading the Love


Dear Scott,

I am the Team Manager for Domestic and Family Violence Programs for Mercy Community. I am not asking for anything ‒ I just wanted to let you know that I am applying for a grant as part of Queensland Women’s Week to put together financial packs for women in refuges to help them with their financial literacy post-separation. The grant is for $3,000 and I am aiming to buy 100 of your Barefoot Investor for Families book for the packs, along with supporting information. If you object to this, please get in touch.


Scott's Answer

Hi Carmel,

I object! You shouldn’t have to pay a cent for those books!

Supporting some of the most vulnerable people in society — abused women and their kids — is critically important work. So I’ll send you 100 copies of my old book, The Barefoot Investor, and 100 copies of my new book, The Barefoot Investor for Families. Thanks for what you do.