Should We Make the Sacrifice?


Hi Scott,

My husband and I are two months away from finally clearing nearly $100,000 of card debt we racked up some years ago. Now we are about to start a family and want to buy a new Mazda CX-5. We are thinking of doing this through salary sacrificing, which would cost us a fortnightly fee including all on-road costs. However, we are nervous about getting caught up in long-term debt again. Is salary sacrificing a safe option for getting a car?


Scott's Answer

Hi Jess,

Are you freaking crazy?

No, you should not borrow to buy a brand-new $40,000 car.

You’re like an alcoholic who celebrates their sobriety with a Jäger Bomb!

The only thing you should be salary sacrificing is superannuation (after you’ve saved up a deposit and bought your first home ‒ Barefoot Step 4). You have two months till you pay off all your debts. After that save up and buy the cheapest, safest second-hand car your ego can afford.

You’re doing great, don’t blow it!