How Would You Invest a Spare $10,000, Barefoot?


Hi Scott,

I’ve just turned 28, and after reading your book I came to the realisation that my savings have been sitting in my bank account for several years doing nothing. I have no investments whatsoever, but I do have $10,000 I could invest. Based on your previous advice, I am looking to invest $5,000 into AFIC and $5,000 into Argo. Is this a good idea, thinking about the long term (30-40 years)? And if I continue to add to them over time, is that better than adding the money to my super?


Scott's Answer

Hi Rick,

If you’ve read my book, you’ll see that I set out a time-tested plan: do a monthly date night (Step 1), set up your buckets (Step 2), domino your debts (Step 3), then start saving a 20 per cent deposit for a home (Step 4). Step 4 is where you’re up to at the moment.

So right now you have $10,000 sitting in a bank account. I want you to give that account a nickname, call it “my house deposit”. I know it sounds like I’m making you suck pea and ham soup, but make no mistake, the act of naming something is powerful. It gives you clarity and purpose.

If you’ve been Barefoot for a while, you’ll know that I love AFIC and Argo as investments, but everything at the right time. Now, after you buy your home, you’re onto Step 5, where you boost your pre-tax super contributions from the standard 9.5 per cent to 15 per cent (or up to the annual cap of $25,000). If you can do that before you’re 35, your retirement will be soupy.