ING Is Destroying the Earth … and You’re Helping Them



While I have not read your book, I am aware that you promote the idea of using ING to set up various bank accounts to manage personal finances. Are you aware that ING has $857 million invested in fossil fuels? Do you take the environment into consideration when giving money advice? I look forward to your response.


Scott's Answer

Hi Deb,

I wasn’t aware of that.

That being said, I don’t think any bank is squeaky clean … that’s why they’re having a royal commission, right?

Personally, I get more bent out of shape that ING tries to upsell their customers to a sleazy credit card. (Though that may just be me.)

Anyway, if you’re wanting a bank with an ethical charter, check out ME Bank, who have pledged to avoid fossil fuel investments. However, one of the owners of ME Bank is Hostplus, who serves the gambling industry.

Pick your poison!

Thanks for reading.