I’m on Lithium


Hi Scott,

My wife and I received $370,000 from the sale of our house, which I decided to invest into an Australian lithium producer. But over the last six months the share price has halved, leaving me (on paper at least) with a very distressing loss. My question is: do I let this ride until things pick up, or am I in a situation that could get even worse?


Scott's Answer

Hi James,

This could get much worse — especially if you haven’t told your wife about the share price plunge yet.

She will likely process your confession as follows: you have taken her security — literally the roof over her head — and gambled it away at the casino.

And you know what? She’s right.

Dude! What the hell were you thinking? Are you on lithium?

A quick google shows me that it’s been a wild ride for lithium stocks lately. Two headlines from the same publication, just four months apart, tell the story:

November 2018: “Why I think these lithium miners offer great growth potential for investors.”

March 2019: “Have lithium stocks hit rock bottom?”

I have three (boring) rules when it comes to investing:

First, I don’t like investing in speculative companies that don’t have a track record of making money.

Second, I don’t like investing more than 5% of my portfolio in any one stock.

Third, I would never, ever invest money I thought I might need within the next 10 years (say, to buy another house) into the stock market. While good in the long term, shares are just too risky in the short term.

I’m afraid you’ve broken all three of these rules. And, if you’re tempted to keep playing at the casino, remember that things can always get worse from here.

My advice is to stop listening to investment gurus who can’t predict the future, and start listening to someone who has a real interest in your future: your wife. Sit down and make a plan together.