I Faced My Financial Fire


Dear Scott,

On November 23rd last year, I finally came to my senses and left a violent relationship ‒ then began my ‘financial fire’. My ex-husband immediately did three things: clear out our bank accounts, redraw on our mortgage, and direct his salary solely to his account. At that time, my baby girl was only 10 weeks old, I was on maternity leave at half-pay, and I was drowning in unsecured personal debt.

Yesterday, October 1st, I settled on my new property. I am now a sole homeowner, and my girls (aged 3 and now 1) and I have our very own home. We can start again and move on with our lives. This is all because in December last year ‒ at rock bottom ‒ I read The Barefoot Investor. I set up my buckets, returned to work, and got myself a damn good lawyer. I have gone from financial hardship to no debt, except the mortgage. Words will never be able to express my gratitude!


Scott's Answer

Hi Melanie,

Each week a handful of people write to me to say “STOP PROMOTING YOUR BOOK!”. Luckily, I’ve long given up listening to the ‘full caps crowd’. Why? Because I know there are women in domestic violence relationships who are reading this right now, and they need to know there is hope. Melanie, thank you for being a shining light, not only for all the women reading but for the young women you’re raising.

You got this!