I am NOT an Alcoholic



I currently spend about $100 a week on alcohol ‒ it is pure habit and l love the taste too. I am not an alcoholic, but I do need some incentive to drop the habit, like a financial goal! What else could I be doing with that $100 that will give me the kick l need to replace booze with something more intoxicating?


Scott's Answer

Hi Jane,

I’m good, but I’m not that good.

There is nothing I can do with my trusty old Casio calculator that will beat the buzz you’re currently getting from boozing it up. (Case in point: on the form you submitted to ask your question on the Barefoot Investor website, there’s a box that says ‘Summarise your financial situation in one word’. You answered: ‘Tipsy’.)

At Barefoot, we talk a lot about having an Alpaca Attitude. It’s named after my two headstrong alpacas ‒ Pedro and Alberto ‒ who will spit, kick and stomp on anyone who tries to mess with their flock. In that regard, getting on top of your money isn’t that dissimilar to losing weight (see, I’m still hanging on to the Barefoot Bikini Challenge):

We all know what to do, but you need to come up with the why for you.