I Am Adrian’s Mum!


Hi Scott,

In response to your column last week about the Commonwealth Bank’s school banking program, I am “Adrian’s mum from Year 4” and I’m also the school banking co-ordinator for the primary school. Yes, I am a volunteer. In fact there are four of us who volunteer on a regular basis. Even though I run the program, I support the idea of removing big banks from school banking programs and have watched with interest the changes you are trying to make in the sector. But the one thing that keeps the program going at our school is the kickback from the bank — around $800 a year. It is more than some of our other fundraisers! Anything that brings in dollars to the P & C is going to be difficult to get rid of.


Scott's Answer

Hi Rita,

I totally understand that the money Commbank pays cash-strapped schools is welcome.

Yet the point is it comes with strings, and it’s your kids who’ll pay for it in the end.

Part of my submission to ASIC will raise your point, and I’m going to add that we need the government to put some money into this.

I’ve always said the CBA understands the value of our kids — it’s time our government did too.