How a Financial Advisor Can Make You a Millionaire


Hi Scott,

My daughter is a hardworking 22-year-old who lives in a share house. She is struggling with her living expenses.
(I pay for her weekly grocery shop, and she feels bad about it). She earns $3,068.32 after tax each month.

Here are her monthly expenses:

Rent $760
Financial advisor $190
Savings $400
Share portfolio $250
Insurance $58
Super $100

She feels grateful that her financial advisor has enabled her to do all this. Is there anything she could be doing differently?


Scott's Answer

Hi Maria,

The monthly expenses you’ve listed come to $1,758, which means your daughter has $327 a week to spend on food, booze, bills and transport. That’s doable. (I lived on less when I was 22, though admittedly I drank a lot of homebrew, ate spag bol most nights, and drove a 1966 XP Falcon that mostly ran on potato skins.)

Having said that, she needs to eat without resorting to dumpster diving. I’d suggest she looks at scaling back her saving for the moment rather than relying on you (of course a ‘care package’ from Mum now and then never hurt anyone).

Other than that, your daughter is an absolute bloody legend.

Let me paint you a picture:

Let’s say she invests that $250 a month into the share market, from age 20 to 30 (starting from zero and assuming an 8% return) could grow to $43,460.

Then, at age 30, she stops saving, leaves the investments to grow, and never puts in another dollar.

By the time she’s 65, that $43,460 will have grown to $642,571.

Noice … but let’s not stop there ‒ let’s make her a millionaire!

I’d suggest your daughter meets with her financial advisor ‒ who has done a terrific job setting her up ‒ and get her to have an awkward conversation with the advisor.

Play him Bette Midler if you want, and assure him ‘you’ll always be the wind beneath my wings … but I ain’t paying you a monthly retainer anymore’. Then, she adds the $190 a month she’s paying to the advisor, and add it to her low-cost index fund.

If she does, her end balance will be boosted to $1,001,130.