Help Me Pay Less Tax!


Dear Barefoot,

My husband works in IT and earns $125,000 per year. I work part time three days a week in a small consulting firm but take the bulk of my income (around $30,000) cash in hand, which allows us to still claim childcare benefits. I’ve been offered another job for $45,000, but would have to pay tax on this.

What would you do?

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Scott's Answer

You’re a thief.

I really dislike paying my taxes – so much so that I spend good amounts of money doing everything I can to legally minimise the amount I pay out – but I still pay them. And it’s not because I think either side of politics spends it wisely (they don’t). It’s because I can’t buy back my integrity.

You may think you’re winning by cheating and getting some government benefits, but you’re not. Successful people don’t have your situational ethics. With ongoing national budget problems, middle-class welfare will be on the chopping block – and about time too. The idea that a household on $160,000 should get a government handout is ridiculous.

People need to harden up and stop looking to Canberra to solve their problems – they’ve got enough of their own.