Happy Campers


Hi Scott,

I am camping with my husband (first time ever) and have stopped to read your Barefoot email. I was really pleased to see your praise for financial counsellors. They really are unsung heroes and great advocates too. As a social worker, I know how often these invariably calm and focused people help those who are vulnerable and in dreadful debt (not always large amounts, but soul-destroying high interest). They systematically help people begin to navigate a way out and to regain hope in their futures.


Scott's Answer

Hi Sam,

I tried to get my wife to go camping once … didn’t work out that well. We’re coming off the largest debt boom in history, and as a wealthy nation we need people like financial counsellors (and social workers) who can help our most vulnerable Aussies. Everyone needs someone fighting in their corner. The Minister for Social Services’ office contacted me after last week’s column to arrange a fireside chat. I’ll keep you posted.

Thank you for reading,