Fish’n’Chips and a Smile


Hey Scott,

I would just like to say a massive thank you. I have just had the best holiday in Exmouth (WA) with my kids and it was all paid for from our ‘Smile’ account! While we were treating ourselves to a fancy fish’n’chips dinner, the bloke behind the bar commented on the word ‘Smile’ written on my card. He said it was the second one he had seen in a week. He thought it was something ING did until I explained about your book. So thanks again!


Scott's Answer

Hey Frank,

That brought a smile to my face!

For readers wondering what the hell Frank is on about, let me explain. In the Barefoot world, you allocate your pay into separate (zero-fee) accounts: 60% for daily stuff (‘Expenses’), 20% to put out financial fires (‘Fire Extinguisher’), 10% for fun (‘Splurge’), and 10% to save up and spend on longer-term things (‘Smile’) … like a good old-fashioned family holiday where you have fish’n’chips with your kids. Who needs New York or Paris, when you’ve got fish’n’chips with Dad on the beach!

Thank you for reading … and happy Father’s Day!