Engagement Ring Going Cheap



I am currently filing for divorce. My ex-husband rampantly cheated on me with a bunch of random women, and then had an affair with a graduate at his work. Beyond humiliating! So to my question: is there is anything sensible to do with an engagement ring once a marriage has ended, or should I just sell it for a pittance? I know you are not in the business of pawning jewellery, but I thought you may have been asked this question before. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Scott's Answer

Hi Tamsyn,

I’ve written a lot about ‘reject rings’ in the past: they’re great for the buyer … not so good for the seller.

If you’re getting divorced the ring could form part of the settlement. However, it’ll be valued at its resale price, not it’s initial purchase price or what it’s insured for.

So here’s what I’d do:

First, I’d talk to your ex-husband and explain that, while he’s hurt you deeply, there’s a part of you that will always cherish your relationship. And, because of the history you have, you’d like to keep the engagement ring as a memento of what has been a major part of your life.

Second, I’d get him to agree to let you keep the engagement ring from the settlement pool ‒ because of its sentimental value.

And then?

Then you hock the bloody thing for whatever you can get, and spend the money on two things:

(a) A very good lawyer

(b) An ‘eat, pray, love’ holiday.

After all, who needs a memento of this mongrel?