Eat, Pray, Dump


Hi Barefoot,

So I get a message from my wife at 2am while she is in Morocco (finding herself): “I think I’m going to move to Morocco, I’m so sorry.” This really was not expected, nor in my plan for the future. Now I am having to deal with all the financial responsibilities on my own, without a second income. I have a half-renovated house, our combined debts, and now legal fees to deal with the separation. I am 34 and earning good money ($140,000), but it feels like I have caught an STI from an overseas holiday that I didn’t even take!


Scott's Answer

Hey James,

It sounds like your ex-wife took the ‘Eat, Pray, Dump’ tour!

Seriously, I can’t imagine what it was like to get that text ‒ you must be going through hell. And while it probably feels like you’re the one here in Australia cleaning up the financial mess, you are both responsible for seeing this out.

So a couple of practical things: if you haven’t already shut down any joint bank accounts, credit cards or redraw facilities, do so immediately. Also, keep good notes on your finances, and engage a family solicitor.

You don’t mention kids and, given your age, it sounds like it may have been a short marriage. This will be taken into account, and should make things much simpler in coming to a final property settlement.

Obviously you are facing a financial setback, but at your age, and with your income, it’s something you will overcome. So think hard about whether you want to keep the house or sell and make a clean break … your ex-wife certainly has.

Thank-you for reading,