Don’t Send Kids to the Coalmine, Barefoot


Hey Scott,

I just wanted to comment on your response last week to the letter from Alice the 15-year-old asking if she should get a part-time job. Could you please recommend that high school students work no more than 12 hours per week, unless they are happy to take a nose-dive in their education! Up to 12 hours per week can help them with time management and all your other points. But not more. And I know what I’m talking about: I am a teacher who sees the results of overworked students!


Scott's Answer

Hi Cheryl,

I agree with you ‒ a few shifts on the weekend is more than enough. Really, you just want to get kids off their phones and work for a boss who will knock the ‘special snowflake’ out of them.

And here’s a tip for all those tired parents, which I call the ‘taxi rank’: shortlist the youth-friendly employers that are close to your home or the school. Think shopping malls, supermarkets, fast food joints and small businesses that you’re happy to taxi them to and from. Because you will!