Divine Intervention



Could this be divine intervention? I have just read your recent article in which you saved a single mum from a property ‘guru’. It hit home for me because my husband and I are considering signing up for one of these programs — a ‘step-by-step guide’ to investing in commercial property. It is not the $17,000 your article mentioned, but it is still $3,000 that we do not have and which we are considering paying for on our credit card.

My husband is excited and wants to go ahead, but I am sceptical. We follow your blogs, have read your book, and religiously read your articles in the paper. In the past you have advised that commercial property is a good investment, though you were referring to shares in commercial companies. We know a little about investing in property (having bought a property through our SMSF which seems to be going well), but we are scared to take the plunge. What would be your advice?


Scott's Answer

Hi Natalie,

Tell your husband to pull his head in. You should both have an equal vote on where you spend your money. You’ve voted ‘no’ for what I think are intelligent reasons — the biggest of which is that you don’t actually have the money to buy the course. Anyone who buys a $3,000 course on credit card should not be investing in commercial property!