Dear Mrs Barefoot


Dear MRS Barefoot Investor,

I am very curious to know how you manage to fund the ‘maintenance costs’ of being a woman! Even low-maintenance women such as myself incur way more expenses than men. I do not get spray tans, have my nails done or buy lots of clothes, but I do need salon hair colour, makeup, skincare, bras, clothing and waxing to keep me looking and feeling my best. Hubby’s response is “you don’t really need that stuff”, but this is unrealistic. Please help!


Scott's Answer

Hi Renata

Well, this is a first ‒ my wife has never had a question directed to her before.

So I read out your question, and here is her reply:

“Let the weeds grow, and see how your hubby likes that!”

(Only my wife could get away with saying that ‒ I’d get hate mail for weeks.)

Liz and I share the same bank account and have a pre-set ‘no questions asked’ amount we can spend. When you’re sharing money it’s really important to have the freedom to spend money on whatever you want.

(Besides, I’m sure some of his expenses wouldn’t fit your idea of necessary either. “My shout, boys!”)