Complexity Killed the Cat


Hi Scott,

I just wanted to say that I completed your survey about school banking. I found the questions really long-winded and complex! It almost felt like my Year 12 English exam (back in ’79). It’s strange, as your book is so lovely and easy to read.


Scott's Answer

Hi Mary,

Thanks for the backhander!

The questions were actually set by the corporate cops, ASIC.

Look, they’re bureaucrats, not Ernest Hemingway. However, they do have an important aim with their questions:

To work out what the community thinks about banks buying their way into classrooms.

And that’s why my submission was about giving people like you a voice.

In fact, 14,195 people contributed to my submission.

And, not surprisingly, 91% of them want to see ASIC get banks out of schools.

Over to you, ASIC.