Changing My Life, One Day at a Time


Hi Scott,

You won’t remember this because you speak to so many people each week, but I wrote to you in late November last year about being overwhelmed by receiving a payout from the Church for $175,000, and you were kind enough to give me a call.

The advice you gave me was incredibly helpful. You told me to put most of it away in a term deposit until I’d decided on things, so I could get rid of all the crazy ideas floating around my head. Doing that was an amazing first step. Then I got a copy of your book and have been following the ‘Barefoot Steps’.

I am still going through some yucky procedures, trying to get some proper justice, and have had to take time off work to cope. But when I have bad days, I take out my drawing of the buckets and it reminds me that I am going to be safe, no matter what. The money has ended up buying me some valuable time to recover and rest, which is changing my life, one day at a time.

I write with no expectation of reply, just wanted to say a sincere thank-you. Keep doing your thing.


Scott's Answer

Hi Rebecca,

The Barefoot Steps are focussed on keeping you financially safe and secure. And after what you’ve been through, that’s exactly what you need. Thanks for writing, and keeping us updated on your journey. You’re on the right path.