Can I Buy a Corvette?


Hi Scott,

I am 31 and earn $120,000; my wife earns $90,000. We have a $750,000 mortgage on a house worth $1 million, $10,000 in index shares, and $20,000 in Mojo. Can I buy a $40,000 1970 Corvette Stingray? Or is that totally irresponsible? I would save up and pay cash for it, I promise!


Scott's Answer

Hi Rob,

Years ago my wife got a bloke in to measure up some curtains.

As he was up on his ladder, she asked him, “Will this fabric give full block-out?”

He looked at her, then turned to me — the man — and gave the answer. (“Well, mate, you have to understand that total block-out is not …”)

This little game played out for the next five minutes — my wife getting increasingly testy, me trying to play sexist charades with the curtains guy (raising my eyebrows and nodding to my wife) … and the curtains guy being totally oblivious as to who really wore the pants (and the curtains) in our household.

Bottom line?

The curtains bloke didn’t get the job … and it looks like it’s curtains for your Corvette. Now that’s got nothing to do with whether you can afford it, and everything to do with the fact that you’re writing to me about it, rather than discussing it with your wife on a Barefoot Date Night.