Blow the Whistle


Hi Scott,

I’m 15 years old and do not have regular work, though I do umpire netball in the winter months, which earns me about $15 a game. I’ve just started Year 10 and will have a lot on my plate school-wise, and do not want my studies to suffer. Would you suggest I get a part-time job, or just keep up the casual netball work?


Scott's Answer

Hi Alice,

Good on you for (a) taking interest in sport, (b) earning some money out of it, and (c) emailing the Barefoot Investor for financial advice while you’re still in high school ‒ you’re awesome!

Yet I still want you to get a part-time job.

I view a part-time job as one of the most important ‘real life’ high school classes you can take.

Seriously, how else do you get the experience of selling yourself in an interview, working in a team, taking orders from a boss, and learning about setting up bank accounts, paying tax and eventually investing super?

Your parents should pay Ronnie McDonnie for the educational experience! Besides, you only need to do a few shifts a week, so it won’t interfere with your studies, and you can pare it back when you get into your final years of school.

Good luck!