Better Than Any Shopping Spree!


Hi Scott,

I am living proof that ‘paying it forward’ can work. I was sitting in a cafe with my son one day having lunch. He has cerebral palsy and is unable to feed himself, so I was feeding him and we were having a lovely time, oblivious to the world around us. When I went up to pay, the owner told me a complete stranger had already paid for our lunch, and had asked the waiter to pass on the message that I was an amazing mum. I was brought to tears by this kind gesture. 

Fast forward one month and my son was in hospital having an operation. In the recovery room, I overheard a lady asking the nurse about how to catch public transport to her hotel. She was from a rural area and was with her tiny daughter, who had just endured an operation. I went up to her and asked if I could please pay for a taxi for them. I explained that I was paying it forward and that it would be my pleasure to assist her. We hugged and had a bit of a cry. It was a moment of connection with a complete stranger. Better than any shopping spree!


Scott's Answer

Hi Jenna,

Since writing that column, I’ve been overwhelmed with lovely responses like yours from people telling stories of how they’ve paid it forward — and they’ve all told me the same thing: the high they got from being kind far outweighs the small cost of helping someone else.

I’ve chosen yours because it shows how kindness has a knock-on effect. Maybe that lady you helped will pay it forward to someone else? Thanks for sharing, and whoever paid for your lunch was right — you do sound like an amazing mum!