Barefoot Money Meals


Hey Scott and family!

I know you are probably being inundated with emails and messages about your new book (which is just freaking amazing!) but I wanted to share our experience.

Today we did the Grandparents’ Dinner Party from Chapter 3. Our eldest, 11-year-old Zeek, invited his grandparents for dinner. I showed Zeek the Barefoot Burgers recipe and he was super keen, so he wrote his list and off we went to Coles. He got his own trolley, and had his list and $30 to feed seven people. Not only did he clearly see where the cheapest items in store were ‒ he came in nearly $6 UNDER budget!

That night he turned the burgers into rissoles with a pasta side dish, steamed veg, plus the most divine chocolate cake I’ve ever tasted! Zeek then brought the cake to the table and said, “I have an announcement: tonight’s dinner was bought, prepped, cooked and served all by me!”

The grandparents gasped ‒ then he showed them his receipt, and how he’d successfully made seven meals (with some leftovers for dads lunch) for $24.25. We all cheered while he cut and proudly dished his cake to us all.

Without your book I don’t think I’d ever have given Zeek the opportunity to do what he just did at his age. This has totally changed my view! He has requested that he cook dinner every Wednesday (‘Money Meal’ night). And we are all for it.

I cannot thank you enough for the head-start our boys are getting. We are proud ‘cult’ members for life!

P.S. Your mum’s rissole recipe is just wicked!


Scott's Answer

Hi Georgine,

This is totally awesome.

Parenting is a tough and mostly thankless job. Yet what you’re doing is not only building up Zeek’s financial confidence, but creating memories that you’ll have long after he (successfully) moves out. So please keep taking pics!

Zeek, good on you mate. Keep working your way through the entire Barefoot 10 checklist, and keep me updated on how it all goes. Catch you round like a rissole (and I’ll pass on your mum’s kind words to my mum.)

Thank-you for reading.