A Burglar Stole My Daughter’s Jam Jars


Hi Scott

A burglar stole money from my daughter Linda’s jam jars and wallet! Since September 2018, 10-year-old Linda has been working hard and getting pocket money, which she’s divided into her three labelled jam jars. Yesterday a thief came into our house and stole the lot. Last week looked good: $8 in ‘Save’ (we’d banked most of, thank god!), $6 in ‘Give’, and $90 in ‘Splurge’ — she was saving for a phone and her wallet contained $39. Now she has no money and is disappointed. We’ve reported it to the police. Should I replace the stolen money, because I can, and I empathise with her? Or do I put it down to life experience?


Scott's Answer

Hi Jenny,

Please do me a favour and read this letter to your daughter:

Dear Linda,

It’s Scott Pape here, the bloke who wrote the book about Jam Jars.

Your mum told me about what happened with your money. I’m really sorry about that.

The person who took your money was probably very sad, and very frightened — and I’m sure they feel really bad about doing the wrong thing. I’m also sure that the police will catch them.

What you need to know is that most people are good, and kind. Even people you’ve never met.

After reading your mum’s letter, I went to my own ‘Give’ jar and realised that I had enough money to replace all the coins that were in your jars. So I sent the money to your mum, and she will give it to you!

What’s cool about the ‘Give’ jar is that you get to be a hero by helping someone.

Yet the real secret is that you not only make someone else happy, you make yourself happy too!

You Got This!