19-Year-Old Girl Wins the Lottery


Hi Scott,

I am 19 and was given your book last Christmas. I am not the greatest saver — I like to splurge a little too often. Yet a year after reading the book I have over $16,000 in savings, $4,000 of which is in shares. Recently I did my tax return and the accountant was asking how a 19-year-old girl seems to have it so together. I explained that she could buy your book for $29.95 (or less at Big W), and while she was doing my tax return I drew your ‘serviette strategy’ on the back of an invoice sheet. She looked at me in amazement the entire time, even though I was basically regurgitating everything you had explained. It was an awesome feeling. So I wanted to say thank you — you have given me a $29.95 lottery ticket that has earned me thousands!


Scott's Answer

Hi Zoe,

I’m punching the air as I’m reading this.

Most people leave school believing they have no idea about money, and then they prove it to themselves.

Not you!

I guarantee your accountant was thinking, “Why wasn’t I this sorted out when I was 19?”

(As are everyone reading this right now.)

Well done. You got this!