Kids and money

The Barefoot Kid

Hi Scott, I am so proud of our three-year-old! Scarlett saved up her pocket money from doing her ‘jobs’. We took her to our local tip shop and she selected a second-hand bike for $5 (see picture). She’s a Barefoot Kid!


Don’t Send Kids to the Coalmine, Barefoot

Hey Scott, I just wanted to comment on your response last week to the letter from Alice the 15-year-old asking if she should get a part-time job. Could you please recommend that high school students work no more than 12 hours per week, unless they are happy to take a...

Kids and money

Don’t Raise a Tightarse

Hi Scott, Loving your new book, but I have a question. If a child does not want to spend their accumulated ‘Splurge’ money, isn’t that effectively another form of savings? I am trying to identify the more important lesson. Is it the realisation through experience that splurging can result in...