Kids and money

Changing Our Kids’ Lives

Hi Scott, My parents were terrible with their finances (and still are, sadly), so I learnt from them that ‘credit is OK’ and got myself into all kinds of trouble. Then, two years ago, I read The Barefoot Investor, and my partner and I are now very close to paying...


Dollarmites Out!

Yay! You made it into the Yarraville West Primary School newsletter: “After consideration, school Council has decided that Yarraville West PS will no longer host the CBA Dollarmites banking program. Financial literacy is important, perhaps now more than ever. There are independent educational initiatives available for your family to investigate...

Kids and money

The Barefoot Kid

Hi Scott, I am so proud of our three-year-old! Scarlett saved up her pocket money from doing her ‘jobs’. We took her to our local tip shop and she selected a second-hand bike for $5 (see picture). She’s a Barefoot Kid!

Family and legacy

Filthy from Head to Toe

Hi Scott, Thanks so much for your last column. My son and I went on our first camping trip these holidays and it was honestly the best holiday ever. I set a limit of $250 from my Smile account, which paid for food, petrol and admission to the Buchan Caves....

Kids and money

A Burglar Stole My Daughter’s Jam Jars

Hi Scott A burglar stole money from my daughter Linda’s jam jars and wallet! Since September 2018, 10-year-old Linda has been working hard and getting pocket money, which she’s divided into her three labelled jam jars. Yesterday a thief came into our house and stole the lot. Last week looked...