Investing (shares)

I’m on Lithium

Hi Scott, My wife and I received $370,000 from the sale of our house, which I decided to invest into an Australian lithium producer. But over the last six months the share price has halved, leaving me (on paper at...

Investing (property)

Are Index Funds in a Bubble?

Hi Scott, The financial guru from the movie The Big Short, Michael Burry, who made a fortune betting against the US housing collapse, is saying that the next big bubble is index funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs), and that...

Investing (shares)

Is This a Scam?

Dear Scott, Your Bitcoin scam article prevented me from losing $5,000. Thank you! However, it raises another question: Where can I find out categorically if Oasis Trade is a scam company?

Investing (shares)

Motivational Misfire

Hi Scott, I went to a Tony Robbins motivational seminar. What I didn’t know what that prior to the main show, there was a great deal of, let’s say, warm-up speakers, talking about fluff about how to get rich.  One...

Money Management

Prisoner’s Last Chance

Dear Mr Scott Pape, My name is Peter. I am 59 and I have four years left to serve on a five-year prison term. As a prisoner I do not have access to a phone or the internet, so writing...

Investing (shares)

Where’s the Beef?

Hi Scott, I am a proud and very passionate vegan who normally couldn’t give a stuff about investing. (Okay, so your book really helped me, but I have never get my head around investing in businesses that harm the planet...