Getting out of debt

Our Bitcoin Got Stolen!

Barefoot, We are in our early thirties and not working. We sold everything in 2016 to caravan around Australia. We rented out our family home and used the equity to purchase our $80,000 caravan. This extended our home loan, but the rent covered both loans. Winning! We returned home, sold...

Buying your first home

We Became Millionaires through Crypto — Now What?

Hi Scott, My husband and I are 35. Last year he made quite a lot of money in his hobby of cryptocurrency — $1 million in fact! (Though sadly half of this goes to tax.) Before this we had debt so we’re now happily debt free — and we have...

Investing (shares)

Do I Have to Pay Tax on Bitcoin?

Hi Scott, I have just bitten the bullet and invested in Bitcoin (and it has been a wild ride over the past week!). Judging from what the experts suggest, the price could hit $60,000. This got me thinking — what tax will I pay on my gains?