I tell you, I’ve never seen anything like it

I’ve never seen anything like it.

Last week my inbox was overflowing, and this email, which l received from reader named James, summed up the reaction to my column on 93-year old gardening guru Peter Cundall:

“Thanks for writing about Peter Cundall. I already admired him but now I hold him in awe. Amazing bloke and national treasure. Your best column ever in my humble opinion.”

As I’ve been out on the farm this week toiling away with the kids, I’ve been thinking a lot about Peter.

Partly because he’s emailed me most days with advice on our orchard. He’s convinced us to go nutty — we’re planting a lot of chestnut trees!

Yet more so because all the things I and many people respect about him — his resilience, his stoicism, his kindness — all of which were forged in the depths of the Depression.

Okay, so maybe we don’t have it anywhere near as tough as Peter did. 

Yet we are living through a moment in history right now — and our kids are watching us.

Which means that now is a golden chance to teach your kids lessons that will last them a lifetime.

That doesn’t mean you need to scare them, or lecture them. Rather, use this uncertain time to explain to them about how risky the world can be … and the importance of working hard, the safety of saving, and the dangers of debt.

The silent generation — people like Peter who were raised in war and depression — came out stronger because of it.

Now, I’ll get to your questions in a moment, but first, keeping with the family theme … 

Next Sunday is Mother’s Day

It creeps up on you, right?

Well, there’s one person who doesn’t forget: your mum (and possibly the wife of your children).

So whip out your phone and set a reminder to send her some flowers (see, I’ve got your back!).

Also, for next week’s column I’m looking for your best Barefoot mum stories.

So if you have a great story about your mum — how she’s raised you, the sacrifices she has made, how she’s been a true Barefooter (or how you’ve helped her become one) — I want to hear it.

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