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How We Do Business At Barefoot

The Barefoot Investor operates under an Australian Financial Services Licence (302081), however we have chosen not to offer personal, one-on-one, financial planning advice.

That means we do not sell investment products, and we do not receive any commissions, or payments of any kind for any of our recommendations. To be crystal clear, we do not have any arrangement with any financial institution, and we do not accept advertising or speaking fees from financial institutions.

So what do we do?

We publish fiercely independent, straight-talking money advice… whether you’re 8 or 80.

Because we are financial publishers and not your financial advisor, we don’t provide investment advice that is tailored to your personal situation. While we make specific recommendations, they should not be construed as personal investment advice.

When we answer questions from readers, our advice is of a general nature only, and should not replace seeing an independent advisor. To be clear: You should seek independent financial advice before acting on any of our recommendations.

That’s the guts of it. However, if you’d like to read what Larry our lawyer has written, click here.

By starting a free trial, subscribing to and/or becoming a member of Barefoot Blueprint you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:


The information in the Barefoot Blueprint has been prepared from a wide variety of sources which Barefoot Blueprint Publications Pty Ltd (“BBP”), to best of its knowledge and belief, considers accurate. BBP makes no representation and takes no responsibility as to the accuracy or completeness of any information on this website or in the newsletter.

None of BBP and its employees, directors or associates guarantee the performance of a security or financial product that is recommended in the Barefoot Blueprint.

All of BBP and its employees, directors and associates disclaim to the maximum extent permitted by law any liability for loss or damage however caused arising as a result of any recipient relying on information in the Barefoot Blueprint.

BBP is not responsible for and will bear no liability for your access to the internet.  You are only able to access Barefoot Blueprint via the website blueprint.barefootinvestor.com, using your email address and password.  There is no printed version of Barefoot Blueprint.

BBP is not responsible for lack of access due to changes made by third parties such as companies that produce internet browsers and/or security software.  Where we have been notified of access issues caused by third party changes we will endeavour to to make any solutions available to our members and free trial members as soon as possible.

The name on all customer statements, invoices and receipts will appear as ‘Barefoot Blueprint Publications Pty Ltd.

Delivery policy

BBP endeavours to deliver all the reports via email, where requested.  BBP cannot guarantee delivery of the service via email notification.  We accept no liability for lack of email delivery due to third parties such as Internet Service Providers (ISPs) blocking or preventing delivery. We recommend you include ‘bp@barefootinvestor.com’ in your safe receivers/safe senders list in your email software.

Barefoot Blueprint is published electronically by BBP. The publication is wholly online and accessible by subscribers using their personal username and password.  Subscribers may from time to time be sent email updates and reminders of information that can be found via the website subscription service.

The information published on the website subscription service can be downloaded by the subscriber and may be printed for personal use only.

Online payment security

Subscribers to Barefoot Blueprint may make online subscription payments using credit card or debit card (Visa or MasterCard) and you are charged for your subscription to Barefoot Blueprint for one calendar year.

Credit card details of subscribers are retained by eWay Australia – the payment gateway used by BBP to process payments.  Renewal payments are triggered by BBP and actioned by eWay using those details. Subscribers are personally responsible for the security of their personal username and password, which gives access to personal details other than banking details (including name, address or telephone number).

Subscription dues for Barefoot Blueprint are in Australian Dollars ($AUD) only.

Subscription & membership definitions

Annual subscription & annual membership:

An annual subscription, also known as annual membership, is an agreement whereby the individual joins and has access to Barefoot Blueprint for a period of 12 months.  From time to time there may be offers and/or bonuses associated with joining on an annual basis.  BBP will invoice the individual on a repeating annual basis; the individual needs to take action if they do not wish to renew their annual membership after the 12 month period.

Automatic renewal service:

At the end of your subscription period, your credit card will be charged for a renewal term of one year.  Your subscription will continue to automatically renew for successive terms.

We will renew your subscription using the same credit card used previously.  To change your credit card details please visit blueprint.barefootinvestor.com and go to ‘my membership’ or email us at bp@barefootinvestor.com.

It is the responsibility of the subscriber to ensure sufficient funds are available from the chosen payment method.  A subscription can also be cancelled for non-payment (after the initial 12 month period).

To re-activate a subscription after cancellation for non-payment a new subscription must be started either within the same account as before or by opening a new account with a different email address.

Refund policy

BBP offers a 100% money back guarantee on Barefoot Blueprint for the first 365 days of membership. If a subscriber requests a refund of Barefoot Blueprint within 365 days of their first date of purchase, we will refund their purchase price.


This website uses cookies.  If you do not have cookies enabled in your web browser some functions of the site may not work as intended.


Our websites and emails may contain links to websites not owned or operated by BBP.  We accept no liability for the availability or content of these sites.


Material contained in Barefoot Blueprint remains the copyright of BBP.  As a current member, former member or free trial member you are not permitted under any circumstances to republish, reproduce, distribute or otherwise disperse, by electronic means or otherwise, any material without express written permission from BBP.

Members are expressly forbidden from claiming or making any assertion that they, whether as an individual or representative of a company, are the author of any material contained in Barefoot Blueprint.

BBP reserves the right to cancel without notice the membership of any subscriber who breaches our copyright terms and conditions.

Barefoot Blueprint membership special offers

  1. Information on how to claim, and details of the offer, form part of these terms and conditions.  Participation in the offer is deemed acceptance of these terms and conditions and the general terms and conditions for subscribers listed on the blueprint.barefootinvestor.com website.  Offers are open to anyone over the age 18 who has a valid email address.  This offer is not valid in conjunction with any other offer.
  2. From time to time, BBP may run special offers for subscribers, readers and expired members (‘special offers’).
  3. To receive the special offer provided by BBP as specified via a special offer email, you must purchase a subscription to Barefoot Blueprint during the offer period, which will be clearly outlined in the offer email, on the offer promotional website and on the subscription form.
  4. The annual membership fee is $A397.00 (including GST) and must be paid upfront in full using a valid credit card to be eligible for the offer.
  5. After payment has been processed, BBP will send you an email with your tax invoice that will include instructions on how to redeem your Barefoot Blueprint Bonuses.  For offers that include a physical item requiring mailing, please allow up to six weeks for delivery.
  6. If any of the Barefoot Blueprint Bonuses are unavailable for any reason, BBP, at its discretion, reserves the right to substitute the bonus with a gift of similar value.  Bonuses are not transferable or exchangeable and cannot be taken as cash.
  7. BBP reserves the right to modify, suspend, terminate or cancel special offers.
  8. Any cost associated with accessing websites referred to in these Terms and Conditions is your responsibility.  BBP makes no guarantee of the availability of any web service and will not be held responsible for interruption of service that may interfere with your ability to take advantage of any special offers.
  9. Except for any liabilities that cannot be excluded by law, BBP and associated companies (including their officers, employees and agents) exclude all liability (including in negligence) for any loss or damage (including loss of opportunity) whether direct, indirect, special or consequential arising in any way out of, or in connection with a special offer or accepting or using Barefoot Blueprint Bonuses.
  10. BBP collects personal information to conduct special offers, provide you with the subscription service and promote its services and those of its sponsors and business partners.  BBP may, for an indefinite period unless otherwise advised, use the information for future marketing, promotional, publicity, research and profiling purposes.  If you do not consent to the use of your information for these purposes or you wish to access, update or correct personal information please advice us in writing.  For further details please refer to our Financial Services Guide.