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Hey there —

You’re probably doing ‘okay’…

You’re on top of your debts.

You might have bought some shares.

Your super is, well, ‘there’.

In short, financially, you’re doing ‘okay’.

You’re doing a lot better than some people you know…but not everyone.

You also know people who are no smarter than you, but for some reason they’re really kicking financial goals.

Somewhere along the line they pulled ahead of you: maybe it was a well-timed property investment. Perhaps they bought a house right before the area boomed. Or maybe they lucked into a career that pays them really good dough.

And every so often you think to yourself, “I really need to get my stuff sorted too”.

But the weeks fly by. Work and life are so freaking hectic that finding the time – and the energy – stops ‘someday’ from ever becoming ‘today’. There’s simply no gas left in the tank at the end of another long week.

And besides… you’re doing ‘okay’.

Well today I’m going to tell you why ‘okay’ is the most dangerous position you can be in.

One step forward, two steps back

At one point in your life you’ve probably taken a few steps to move beyond ‘okay’.

Having been ‘Barefoot’ for well over a decade, I can pinpoint the ‘pressure points’, that trigger people to ‘scratch’ their financial ‘itch’.

Sometimes it happens when you want to settle down.

Sometimes it happens when you walk out of a relationship.

Sometimes it’s when you have a birthday with a zero on the end of it.

And then, what do you do next?

You could go and see a financial advisor or a consultant from your bank. (Actually, it’s all the same — 80% of advisors are controlled by the big banks anyway).

And before you know it you’ve bought the financial equivalent of a Fitness First gym membership: lots of contracts to sign, glossy brochures, and a confusing ‘plan’ that only hardcore freaks will follow….and in two months’ time you’ll regret the decision.

It gets worse though….because independent studies show that the financial advisor will cream off hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees over the average Aussies working life.

But don’t worry…you’re doing ‘okay’.

So what does doing ‘better than’ okay look like?

Well, fifteen years ago, when I was starting my career, I wished there was a commonsense guide to getting your money sorted.

There’s wasn’t, so I wrote it.

Four years ago, I wished there was a totally independent, wealth building community that focused on implementing the common-sense, time-tested rules of wealth that have made people incredibly wealthy over time.

There wasn’t, so I created it.

And four years into the Blueprint, I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve built.

When I say that the Barefoot Blueprint is ‘Australia’s largest private wealth building community, I mean it.

Our private forums have well over 10,000 posts per month.

Let’s meet a couple of them… ordinary Aussies – just like you – who have done extraordinary things with their lives:

Like the 52 year old divorced teacher who came to me with more debt than super.

She was convinced she’d die broke on the old Age Pension.

Today, she’ll soon retire completely debt free, with a $42,000 annual retirement income – that will last her till she’s 100 (in the Blueprint, we call it the ‘Don Bradman’ retirement strategy). Nice. But even better, she’s buying a brand new (second hand) car, and traveling to Europe as soon as she hands in her chalk.

Or the married couple who were crippled by their mortgage.

Every day for them was Groundhog Day. The same fights about (a lack of) money. A feeling of being chained to their possessions, and not spending enough time with their kids.

Today they’re no longer just ‘feeding the mortgage beast’. In fact, with a little Barefoot help, they’re on track to compound $5,000 a year into a nest egg of $420,336 in 25 years (I call it the Richie Rich Strategy…for parents that aren’t rich).

Or the young single mum, who was convinced she’d never get ahead.

I showed her how to get into the property market with as little as $1,000, and gave her a strategy that would almost triple her money in 10 years. And a few years later – well ahead of time, she’s well on her way.

Nice. Better yet, she has a daughter, and she’s learning from her mum first hand that a man is not a financial plan.

The one thing all these people had in common was they got a little (Barefoot) help.

And I know what you’re thinking — sure, if I had access to the Barefoot Investor, I’d be able to do that too…

Let me tell you about the three-step Barefoot Blueprint strategy that will safely get you to your financial goals.

You may want to get a pen and write this down.

There are three building blocks of the Barefoot Blueprint:

  1. Earn more money.
  2. Compound your money safely and securely.
  3. Build the confidence to live life on your terms.

Turbocharge your Takehome

The first step (which most stock-picking newsletters conveniently gloss over) we focus on is giving you actionable, achievable strategies to boost your income.

The Barefoot Blueprint is a commonsense strategy that follows the trails of generations of self-made millionaires. The majority of self-made millionaires made their fortunes by working in unglamorous jobs – and doing it very, very, well – often for themselves in their own businesses.

So each and every month we’ll focus on money-making opportunities like:

  • Highlighting rapidly evolving industries that you can make your mark on.
  • Step-by-step ways to negotiate a raise.
  • Turning your passion into a profitable business.

Here’s the thing. You’ll work 1,700 hours this year.

If you decide not to take the next step – what’s going to change?

If you’re like most people you’ve probably got a list somewhere of goals and plans, but you never seem to get around to doing them.

Well, today is your chance.

Look Over My Shoulder

Second, we focus on SAFELY compounding your money, so that you build up income generating assets that eventually replace your income.
The surest, safest way to get rich is gradually, easily, day-by-day, and never by risking everything you’ve ever worked for.

Now a lot of investment newsletters will give you “hot stock tips”, and then leave you to figure out the rest.
Not us. We show you exactly what to do. And I mean ‘exactly’.

I’ve put my money where my mouth is, and created the $100,000 Portfolio.

I’ve laid down $100,000 of my own money, and every month I show my members exactly where I’m investing it. They get to see every move I make.

When I say “every move”, what I mean is:

  • Every share I buy – and how many
  • The precise price I pay
  • How I structure my portfolio
  • What I do with dividends
  • When I sell … and why

Everyone’s heard the old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

Well, I think a real portfolio is worth a hundred thousand compound interest graphs. It’s something you really must see for yourself.

Blueprint Recommendations:

At the Blueprint, we scour the market looking for investments that will compound your wealth over years. We’re looking for companies with low (or no) debt, proven business models and a history of solid performance.

We’re not looking for the latest ‘hot stock’. We’re looking for great businesses that you can buy at bargain prices.

Like these companies, which are already providing market-beating returns to our subscribers.

Company Details Return
Hansen Technologies Two years ago, we said a little-known software company called Hansen Technologies was worth a look. We said it was too small to be on the radar of the big institutions. Now its up a staggering 388%. Up +388%
Collins Foods Fast food might not be kind to your waistline, but it can be good for your wallet. We recommended Collins Foods, owner of a string of KFC restaurants, back when the share price was $1.30. Now, it’s trading at $4.84. Up +328%
BWP Trust An investment in the tin sheds that house your local Bunnings store – BWP Trust. We said this was an opportunity to triple your money in ten years – and it’s on the way, already up 93%. Up +93%
AFIC A safe, reliable (some would say) boring investment that’s been making people wealthy since 1928. Up +69%
Returns as of October 26, 2016, since date of original recommendation

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You’re Never Alone

Thirdly, the Barefoot Blueprint is Australia’s largest private wealth building community.

At any moment of the day, there are hundreds, even thousands, of Blueprint members online, sharing their stories, their support, and their strength with fellow members.

So who are these people?

Well, they live right around the country (and have meet ups most weeks!), and across the world.

They range in age from 15 (Craig, working at McDonalds), to 88 (that’s our oldest member, retiree, Helen).

They are lawyers, doctors, engineers, stay-at-home mothers, and retirees.

Some are professional investors with million dollar portfolios, others have just $1,000 to invest.

Yet the one thing each member of our community has is a commitment to implementing the steps needed to becoming financially free.

Some members have told me that being part of the community, is that it keeps them laser focussed, and accountable to their goals: whether that being traveling overseas, building a business, or retiring with dignity…

Whatever your goal, you’ll find a bunch of supportive friends in the community who are treading the same path.

But why should you trust me? Who the hell am I anyway?!

If you’ve followed me for a while, either through my best-selling book, my national newspaper column, my television or radio show, you know that I am a straight shooter.

Not everyone appreciates the truth.

Throughout my career I’ve been threatened with violence, threatened with legal action and threatened to be sacked.

And that’s why an independent survey of the public found that:

“Scott Pape was considered the most knowledgeable regarding financial matters, topping the ratings in the areas of superannuation, investment, taxation, insurance and economics.”

And the most trustworthy:

“Pape was also considered the most trustworthy, truthful in how he presents himself and in touch with financial matters that affect everyday Australians.”

And, that I have the most endorsement power:

“Significantly, he has the greatest endorsement power, with two in five respondents indicating they would buy a product or service based on his recommendation.”

Of course I could have sold out. God knows I’ve had banks and insurance companies try and buy my ‘brand’, but I’ve always maintained my integrity – and my fierce independence.

And, in this changing world, you need someone you can trust – and that’s what I have built my business around.

“I’ve heard about the Barefoot Investor…” you say to yourself. You probably have!

  • I’ve been employed by the Australian Government to help overhaul financial education in every school in the country (a very big passion of mine).
  • I’ve been a key advisor to elite AFL and NRL teams on independent wealth-creation strategies.
  • I’ve personally helped Sir Richard Branson launch a new finance venture here in Australia.
  • I’ve been the finance expert on Channel Seven News, and hosted the prime time Television show Under The Hammer.
  • You can read me each week in News Corporation newspapers and on their websites.
  • You can hear me on Southern Cross radio station Triple M.

But don’t just take my word for it!

“Before joining the Barefoot community, I was downright terrified about money, investing, and retirement. Now I have confidence in my abilities. A year ago I would not have believed that I could ever have done this much.” — Meredith, Perth WA.

“Even at 84, I feel like there is a world of opportunity out there. I don’t know how to thank you enough for all of your help, instruction, and encouragement.”– Elizabeth, Melbourne Vic.

Being part of the Blueprint community has had an incredible impact on my life. Seriously. Being around people who are supportive, encouraging, and winning has made a huge difference to me, and my bank balance.” – Cameron, Bendigo, Vic.

“I jumped at the chance to become a Blueprint member. Now at 50, I’ve taken a big deep breath and I’m taking charge of what money we have with your expert help. In one of your emails you posed the question ‘Am I better off this year than last year?’ YES WE ARE. Thank you.” – Susan, Adelaide SA.

“I just wanted to say that today has been one year exactly since I bought my first ever shares. It’s the first of the month so I decided to log onto Computershare and see what my shares are worth. They’re worth a lot more now than what I paid for them (they’ve gone up a whopping 33%). Thanks! I’ll be buying some more of the Barefoot recommendations when the price is right.” – Alan

Now, let’s get one thing straight.

If you have credit card debts, or personal loans, this program is not for you. Please, spend some time reading my free articles, borrow my book from the library and get on top of your debts.

The Barefoot Blueprint is for people who are ready to take the next step.

You are someone who is doing ‘okay’, but now you’re looking for a guide; a strategy, a plan and a community of likeminded people who can help you tread your own path to above average wealth.

From the thousands and thousands of conversations I’ve had over the years, I estimate 80 per cent of the population never get the basics sorted.

So that puts you in the 20 per cent of people who have got the basics sorted.

You’re actively engaged in achieving your financial goals – and made an investment to get truly independent advice from a trusted advisor.

In fact, you’re even better than that – you are the 2 per cent.

Even if you’ve just begun walking down the Barefoot path, if you put in place my honest, common sense advice, you’ll make it. My most prized assets are the thousands of personal thank-yous I’ve received over the years from people I’ve helped (in some way) to become financially free.

Sure, they put in place common sense advice – but that doesn’t diminish the fact that their grandchildrens’ lives will be changed for the better because of what they’ve achieved.

Here’s what you’ll get …

Your Blueprint subscription will include:

  • A monthly investment newsletter. Every month I will email you a downloadable 10-page briefing updating you on the markets, our best investment recommendations, and moneymaking ideas.
  • The $100k Portfolio. No more receiving advice and wondering how to apply it. Instead, you’ll actually watch me construct a portfolio that compounds month after month — and know exactly how to follow in my footsteps. I’ve lifted the curtain and I’m showing you exactly how long-term compound growth really happens. With total transparency and no guesswork.
  • Our Barefoot Blueprint Community. You’ll be welcomed into one of the friendliest, and best informed wealth building communities in the world. Some members have said that it’s like their very own financial AA! It’ll keep you accountable as you achieve your financial goals.
  • Our Members Only Access Website. You’ll get full access to our members only Barefoot Blueprint website, where you can access our entire archive.
  • Regular Email Briefings. When the markets are moving we’ll be contacting you with up to the moment information, analysis and advice.
  • Access to live events and Q&A sessions with some of the best money brains in the country, and around the world.

And the best part is you can rest easy at night knowing the Barefoot Blueprint team always has your back.

PLUS! when you join today, you’ll get these three bonuses — specifically designed to help you build serious wealth, free!

  • Bonus 1

    Your First Successful Investment – a nuts and bolts beginner’s guide that shows how to increase your investment returns 20-fold with the power of compounding dividends, and how to build your investment portfolio.

  • Bonus 2

    Serviette Strategy – Proven, simple strategies to help you immediately start growing your wealth – and you can start right now!

  • Bonus 3

    Sorted in 1, Successful in 6 – Step by step plans to supercharge your finances, using straightforward Barefoot principles.

So, if you’re ready to take the next step…

If you know that TODAY is the day that you will get yourself organised to build wealth…

If you want to be shown how to create a ‘set and forget’ financial program, designed to keep your investments working for you without a lot of work on your part…??

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Your 365 Day Risk Free Trial:

I want to make joining me on this journey an easy decision for you. Test-drive the Barefoot Blueprint today. If you’re not entirely happy after 365 days of following our no-BS fiercely independent recommendations, simply call the office and we’ll rush you a full refund of your money – no questions asked!

Now you could rip me off …

With no intention of staying on after the risk-free 365-day trial, you could become a Barefoot Blueprint member, download all the bonuses, cut and paste my solid share recommendations and wealth-building strategies, and still get your money back before the risk-free trial ends.

But I’m not too worried. I truly believe that this is the best investment you’ll make this year.

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