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Millionaires Factory?

Dear Barefoot, I’m a 63-year-old formerly self-employed married man. We have a home worth $590k with a $200k mortgage , and an investment property (a factory) worth $1.25m with an interest-only loan of $530k. It’s rented out at $78k p.a. for 10 years, with 4% yearly increases. As I’m finding...

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You’re One of Us

I’m a single mum of a three-year-old daughter, and I feel financially worthless. I owe $14,500 on two credit cards, I receive a pension of $1122 a fortnight while I go to university, and I receive no child support (long story). I’ve recently resorted to living with my mother again,...

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Help Me Pay Less Tax!

Dear Barefoot, My husband works in IT and earns $125,000 per year. I work part time three days a week in a small consulting firm but take the bulk of my income (around $30,000) cash in hand, which allows us to still claim childcare benefits. I’ve been offered another job...

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