Step #1 – Get Some Mojo

Stash $2,000 into a a high-interest online savings account.

Scrounge up two grand and whack it into a high-interest online savings account that’s in your name only (just in case, ladies).

Barefooters call this ‘Mojo’ money because that’s exactly what it gives you. With cash in your hand you call the shots. You’re in control. I’ve received hundreds of emails from people just like you telling me that the simple act of having a couple of grand tucked away has changed their life.

Thousands of people have walked the path you are now on, and we’ve used their success to continually refine the path. Each step of the Barefoot plan makes you a stronger, more financially independent person.

That’s why it’s so important to make sure you make every one a winner – especially your very first step – so set up a Mojo account today.

What Mojo Account Should I Get?

There are two major rules when it comes to a solid Mojo Account:

RULE #1: NO Bank Fees.
RULE #2: A High Interest Rate.

At the Barefoot Investor we know the importance of a good Mojo account. We publish our favourite Mojo accounts from all the Aussie banks and credit unions in our weekly VIP newsletter. So if you’re unsure of which account to go with, sign up to our e-mail right here.
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