Use your mobile phone as an alarm clock? You need to read this.

Tuesday, 5pm, bath time.

I’m going toe to toe with my toddler Louie, and losing. Badly.

“Oh come on! You brush your teeth for your mother every single night! If she comes in here and finds you haven’t done your teeth, we’re both in trouble.”

But it was no use. The more I pleaded, the tighter he gritted his teeth.

I knew what he wanted.

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What’s Joe Hockey been smokin’?

There’s a standoff at the high chair. Louie studies my face intently — looking for the slightest bit of leeway. I give him nothing, so he proceeds to chuck a tanty, throwing his corncob on the floor and crying like Bob Hawke. Thirty seconds later he’s giggling and eating his carrots again.

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I Did Something Very Un-Australian…

I had my very own “shoeshine boy” moment this week.

In 1929, wealthy investor, Joe Kennedy (JFK’s old man) was sitting down in New York City getting his shoes shined. When the shoeshine boy began giving him advice on which stocks to buy, Kennedy had an epiphany: it was time to sell. Legend has it that he rushed back and sold out all his holdings, just in time to avoid the 1929 stock market crash.

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Here’s one for the Grandparents…

“My grandmother loves you”, said a young woman I met recently.

She explained that her Nana was forever clipping out my newspaper columns and sending them to her in the mail. I imagine that would be quite a let down. After all, aren’t grandparents supposed to send handwritten cards with $20 notes stuffed inside them?

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